Health questions, Google & the mind body spirit connection

What were the last health questions you asked Google that related to your spiritual, emotional, mental, physical health or a relationship issue?

Did your Google results accurately help you diagnose, treat, and overcome the problem?

After sorting through your web results, did your anxiety go away or heighten after your search?

When you last saw your doctor, what were the last health questions you asked? Did you even ask a question?

We’ve become so accustomed to leaving the doctor’s office with health questions unanswered that we go home to Google. That’s why so many health forums exist. Where we mull over symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, and prognoses. Because we don’t get answers from professionals, we turn to our peers.

Discounting the mind body spirit connection

We go to the library or bookstore and stand in front of the health/ medical section for health questions. We stand in front of the even larger self-help/ mental health/ psychology section for questions about the mind and emotions. We shop in the religion section for questions about our spiritual health. And the same goes for the relationship section for issues we experience in our relationships.

[Pictured: here I am with my oldest daughter in front of the daunting Health/Medical section at the Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver.]

Sometimes we find a nugget or two of pure gold wisdom and knowledge in our searches.

Bingo! We know we’re on to something.

Half empty bottles of supplements

But the next challenge is getting that nugget from head knowledge to application. We may get off to a great start on the new diet, the pricey health supplement, or the new communication techniques.

Often though in the long haul, our resolve fails us.

(Do you have any half-empty bottles of $30 supplements?)

And we’re back searching for the newest answer, fad diet, TV physician personality, or latest self help book.

The cycle repeats.

Our culture compartmentalizes our health issues like the Dewey Decimal System. Western medicine discounts—instead of honors—the mind body spirit connection

The mind body spirit connection

What’s true, though, is that the mind body spirit connection exists. When we minimize the connection by buying into the bookstore section idea, we’ll always be chasing the next thread. And failing to acknowledge the full tapestry that we really are.

As for that mind body spirit connection: while we may never be able to fully comprehend the science behind it, the bottom line is that our Creator IS THE CONNECTION. Because He created every facet of our being. And knows us intimately.

The Answer to health questions

What if instead of going to Google, we turned to our Creator? And what if instead of performing our own search, we allow Him to search our hearts?

And instead of filtering through unnamed books and search results, we simply trust Him for the Answer? And trust Him to implement it?

Seems too easy. Yet that’s exactly what is here to help you do.