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Month: June 2017

You Are Not Enough

You are not enough. If you were, you would never feel dried up or used up like a wrung out sponge. You aren’t enough to satisfy yourself, to sustain yourself, to motivate yourself, to grow yourself, to keep yourself. Let alone to do that for anyone else. Instagram posts saying that you are enough are inspirational, but isn’t that really code for “accept me for who I am”? Because there isn’t really anyone who could be enough to do all that for themselves. Is there? You Are Not Enough If you are enough to sustain yourself, then we could...

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How Do You Find Your Spiritual Wellness

So many people ask: How do you find your spiritual wellness? This is because if spiritual wellness were based upon knowing the right answers in our heads, a lot more people would be spiritually well. How Do You Find Your Spiritual Wellness Spiritual wellness is elusive, because for most, the spirit is elusive. This is tragic in a sense, because for Christians, not knowing how to access your spirit means you won’t know how to access your spiritual wellness. As Christians, it comes down to ONE THING. We have been made righteous by God through Jesus. And because of...

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